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Dr Joseph Mercola

Nutrition from food.

Dr Hyla Cass

Supplementing mental health

Ty Bollinger

Fighting cancer with supplements

Phillip Day

Supplements worldwide

Jordan Rubin

The REAL truth about protein powders

Erin Elizabeth

The unintended series

Dr Ron Hunninghake

Vitamin C treatment

Dr Kate Rheume Bleue

Vitamin K2

Dr Bo Jonsson

Vitamins and Depression

Dr Derrick-DeSilva

Probiotics and Omega 3's

Dr David Jockers

Nutrients for a leaky gut.

Dr Thomas Levy

Avoiding and Treating Heart Disease

Dr David Brownstein

Iodine & Health

Dr Carolyn Dean

The magnesium miracle

Helen Saul Case

Women, Health and Vitamins

Sayer Ji

Supplement safety & Nutrition from food.

Wendy Myers FDN

Minerals and Health

Chris Wark

Essential Anti-Cancer Nutrition & Supplements

Dr Eric Zielinski

Essential oils as supplements

Andrew Saul

Vitamins for an aging population.